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We want to improve your movement and have you living pain free

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Massage Surfers Paradise | Gold Coast

Remedial & sports massage surfers paradise

Massage treatment to have you living pain free:


  • Personalised treatment: Your goals, your priorities, assessment of your needs, one-on-one treatments, private rooms

  • Flexibility: 30 - 90 minute treatments, early and late appointments, Physiotherapy available if required

  • Efficiency: Register before you arrive, education & self management, treatment plans, free parking ​

Remedial Massage


Remedial massage is a deeper/firmer massage, to release tight muscles, stiff spines and trigger points. Remedial massage is used as a treatment for pain, injury or stiffness.

Remedial massage uses assessment and relevant techniques according to the client’s needs and aims to treat one or more specific pain or tightness concerns you may have.

Remedial massage may also provide you with simple stretches or exercises to maintain the treatment effects at home.

Sports Massage


Sports massage assists in delivering you and your body to it’s optimal pre or post event-focused state.

Whether it is joint restrictions, training tightness, muscle spasms, cramping, or any other of the multitude of sporting injuries, we can help you get back in action sooner and stronger than ever.

Each massage is tailored to your particular needs and is designed to keep you feeling great both before or after your training or race.

Relaxation Massage


Relaxation Massage is a Swedish styled massage that uses oils to help immerse you in a complete state of relaxation.

A relaxation massage is typically a gentle, whole body massage which aims to bring quick relief to a busy mind or stressed lifestyle. 

A relaxation massage is not used to treat specific pain or tightness you may be experiencing. 

5 massage value pack (save $75) - click the image below:

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